The Spring Break Swimsuit Every Woman Needs

It’s been months since we’ve felt the warm sun hit our skin (at least here in Utah), and our vitamin D levels have been depleting since mid October. My skin is begging for a little sun nourishment!

Who else is in need of a cocktail and ready to layer on the SPF?

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Whether you have an exotic vacation planned or just want to spend most of your day pool side, a suit that you feel great in paired with a cute coverup is essential.

But purchasing a suit that flatters your body type and fits your comfort level can be difficult to find! (Learned from the girl who is short with a large chest)

Have no fear ladies, I have found that suit…!

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My favorite swimsuit of all time is The Maria from Albion Fit. This was actually the first swimsuit I purchased during my PostPartum months with Graham. It made me feel sexy and it pulled in all my loose wobbly bits from my emergency c-section.
Two Years later I have yet to find a better one-piece swimsuit that looks good on every damn body! Thats a bold statement but 100% true.

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The Maria Swimsuit is utterly classic and sophisticated. It has a high mesh panel on the front with a sweetheart neckline. The back features a comfortable low back, gown straps, and 5 straps for a unique and feminine look. Perfect for lounging in and out of the pool during your Spring Break vacay!

I love how it looks great on large busted woman like myself. Throughout my years of swimsuit shopping, finding a swimsuit that fits the ladies has always been an issue. I love how this suit features removable bust pads, and wide shoulder straps, and a built in shelf bra. Oh and guess what, its maternity friendly!

I am wearing the La Fleur Design which features a white and vermillion lily print. This beautiful print has a tropical vibe and bold colors. I also own this suit if solid black!

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I wore this swimsuit during my recent trip to Palm Springs, California. These fun photos were taken at the Parker Palm Springs Resort. By far one of the most eccentric hotels I have visited. I adored its property from the Lemonade Stand to its Alice in Wonderland like garden paths.

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Now go out and enjoy the first warm-weather days in one of the best bathing suits of all time!

This post is NOT sponsored and all my opinions are 100% my own. I just adore this suit and company so much, I believed it deserved its own special feature!

Photography by the lovely, Call me Christine

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