Pescaterian vs Vegetarian vs Vegan

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More than just a diet...

Even though vegetarians and vegans may opt to forgo animal products for comparable reasons, for vegans, this decision frequently goes beyond nutrition. In fact, many people believe veganism to be a highly pro-animal rights way of life. Due of this, many vegans refrain from buying garments made of silk, wool, leather, or suede. Additionally, many vegans boycott businesses that do animal testing and exclusively buy cosmetics devoid of animal byproducts. As well as avoiding circuses, zoos, rodeos, horse races, and other events where animals are used for entertainment, those who identify as "ethical vegans" frequently avoid zoos. Finally, a vegan diet is popular among environmentalists due of its benefits in combating climate change and its lower impact on the planet's resources.


Veganism is an growing trend as more and more people gain access to new information. At the end of the day, everyone has their own personal choice to make. Find out what other people are saying by reading up on some reviews down below.

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